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Impact Invest in LandShifterZ LTD*🇬🇧

*This company is a subsidiary of LandShifterZ Designs Ltd 🇨🇦

Convertible Note with a Purpose:

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BioTech meets PropTech at it's Finest!


LandShifterZ is offering a convertible note with a 3-year maturity and a compelling 6.5% annual interest rate. This convertible note also comes with an enticing 25% discount rate on equity, making it an ideal investment for individuals and institutions seeking a balance between financial returns and positive environmental impact.

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Maturity Period

A 3-year horizon ensures a reasonable time frame for growth and development.

Firefly tall jungle tree. communications equipment held in tree by shaped tentacles. birds

Annual Interest

6.5% annual interest ensures a steady and attractive return on investment.

Firefly Tall Jungle Tree. Communication Equipment tentacles on tree. Urban city and park a

Discounted Equity:

25% Discount Rate: Enjoy a significant advantage when converting the note into equity, allowing you to participate in the company's success at a lower cost.

The LandShifterZ Pioneering Vision

Double Bottom Line: LandShifterZ provides a unique opportunity for impact investors, combining financial returns with the satisfaction of contributing to positive environmental change.

Why invest in LandShifterZ?

Proven Leadership:

Global Relevance:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a track record of success in both environmental conservation and business development.

The importance of ecological restoration and sustainable practices is a global concern. LandShifterZ's impact extends beyond borders.


LandShifterZ invites you to join us on a journey where financial prosperity meets environmental responsibility. By investing in our convertible note, you are not just supporting a startup; you are contributing to the restoration and preservation of our planet.

Seize this opportunity to make a difference while reaping the rewards of a sound investment strategy. Invest in LandShifterZ today.

Visit to learn more and secure your stake in a sustainable future.

Proceed with any enquiries or investment deals.

Thanks for enquiring into our convertible note investment!


Our Signature Aesthetic

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